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Gum Reconstruction services offered in Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

Why do my gums look irregular?

Your gums may reach too high up on your teeth, covering a large portion of their surface and causing your smile to look gummy and awkward.

If your gums are insufficient or have recessed due to wear-and-tear or periodontal disease, your teeth end up looking long. Receding gums can also predispose teeth to root caries and possible future tooth loss. Your tooth roots may start to become visible and the teeth become more sensitive.

What is gum reconstruction?

Gum reconstruction is usually a cosmetic procedure, but in some cases it may be done out of medical necessity — such as when overgrowth of gum tissue interferes with the biting surface of a tooth.

During reconstruction, excess gum tissue may be removed, which can dramatically change your smile into a softer, healthier look. If you have gum recession, reconstruction entails a gum graft that stabilizes and re-covers the exposed root, improving the health, prognosis, and appearance or your smile.

What should I expect during gum reconstruction?

Gum reconstruction is usually done in a single appointment. Your provider places you under a local anesthetic during the procedure, which is performed in the WPD Dental Group office. Excess tissue is shaved away or a graft of gum tissue, usually taken from the roof of your mouth, is applied to correct recession. Gum tissue from a tissue bank may also be used.

During recovery, you’re encouraged to pause flossing and brushing the treated sites. Instead, the team provides you with a special mouth rinse that discourages the development of plaque.

You’re prescribed antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection and told to stick to soft, cool foods such as pudding, pasta, eggs, and soft cheese. Smoking is discouraged as it impairs recovery.

You may have slight pain following gum reconstruction, especially if you had a graft from the roof of your mouth. The discomfort usually subsides within a few days.

The entire healing process takes 1-2 weeks, but you can usually return to work the day after your gum reconstruction procedure.

To learn more about gum reconstruction, call WPD Dental Group or book an appointment online.